Nodogsplash is a program that creates a captive portal.

Captive portals are the controls / webpages that restrict access to wifi networks. Modern devices auto detect captive portals and even prompt you to enter the web page. So combined with karma on the pineapple, we now have a device that actively is trying to show content to wifi devices.

One of the basic uses of the wifi pineapple is to "rick-roll" visitors to the site. This doesn't require nodogsplash as the pineapple has a different infusion for that.

So, why use nodogsplash? Well, one reason is to try to emulate free wifi hotspots. With a little bit of grabbing of pages and images, you can make the pineapple look like most other free wifi networks out there. Of course, you can always add your own little bit of code, like a javascript hook...


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