Making Keys for locks

Friday, August 11. 2017

One of my hobbies is picking locks. As part of that hobby, I have attended workshops that have taught me various skills for gutting and repinning locks. One of the workshops was at SteelCon and presented by Mad Bob's Lockpicks. MadBob produce some really nice lock picks, so if you haven't heard of them before, check them out. The picks are so much better than the my crappy GOSO lock picks that I bought form Amazon.

For Steelcon this year, Scott Helme ran a "Stickers for Charity" stall. Madbob dropped off a bag of locks for the stall, and I purchased a couple. The couple in question didn't have any keys. I thought that would be ok, I could just repin them. Then it dawned on me, I would need a key for that. At that point, I had already purchased the locks.

Blank key and lock

The blank key and the lock before starting anything.

The lock I am going to walk through on how I made a key for is a six pin lock, branded ERA. Since I didn't have any blank keys, I ordered 10 off ebay, and waiting the few days for them to arrive. This is far more than I need for this one lock, so I plan to make a bump key, as well as try to make a key from just imprinting the key.

Tools Required:

  • Blank Keys

  • Files

  • Follower (A tube the same size as the barrel of the lock)

  • Shims (or a thin piece of metal which goes between the barrel and the lock)

  • Lock Pick (For Single Pin Picking)

  • Sand paper

  • A vise